Leap Motion

What is Leap Motion?

Leap Motion is a technology that allows users to explore, learn, play, and create on their computers by just waving their hands in the air. Almost like the SciFi movies! It is an exciting new technology and OEM manufacturers are starting to develop laptops with Leap Motion built in.

Who is using Leap Motion?

So far, Leap Motion is being used by ASUS, HP, and others. This is the biggest solution for touch screen interfaces such as Windows 8. This allows the use of the touch screen concept without actually having to touch the screen and get fingerprints all over the screen itself.

We do a lot of laptop repair here in Ventura and we are constantly trying to keep up with technology trends. This particular new technology is exciting to us. We can see how Leap Motion is going to change the future. Not just gaming and day to day computer usage, but in the medical field looking at MRI and other 3D imaging results. I can see this new technology being applied to military training, flight schools, physical therapy, and as a communication tool for the disabled. The applications of Leap Motion are far reaching and only limited by developers.

Leap Motion is Coming

Leap Motion is on the horizon and this is a chance for everyone to see the future of computing. This is one new technology the world needs and WILL be using. The good news is, you can get this technology now with a small USB dongle. I will be buying one shortly.

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