Virus Threat Level

Virus Threat Level “Elevated”

According to many sources, the virus threat level is at an “elevated” level.

Do you know what hackers can do it they get their hand on your personal information? What if they got your usernames and passwords for online shopping and/or banking? What about your contacts? What about the EXIF data stored on your photos. Dates, times and places your photos are stores and can put you and your family at risk to predators.

Part of being Ventura Computer Repair experts is stating on top of these threats. Daily We are searching forums, virus information sites, security firms, and press releases about current issues. There isn’t a perfect anti-virus software to help us be the best laptop repair in Ventura. We have to constantly educate ourselves and stay ahead of the curve.

The Virus Threat Level tends to stay about the elevated level. This is not something that everyone needs to know about and research. This is something we stay on top of so you do not have to. Virus removal is our bread and butter. We pros at computer repairs including virus removal. We are here to help and protect you with a more secure computers. With smarter and safe web usage.

Knowing about the Virus Treat Level is only information. Bring your laptop to us for a free evaluation. You will also get a free education to help prevent future infections.

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